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About SmartWay Technology Program

EPA's SmartWay Technology program develops test protocols, reviews strategies and verifies the performance of vehicles, technologies and equipment that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from freight transport. The program establishes credible performance criteria and reviews test data to ensure that vehicles, equipment and technologies will help fleets improve their efficiency and reduce emissions.

Learn more about the process for getting a technology verified by EPA and geting tractors and trailers designated as SmartWay

General Grant Eligibility Note: Equipment purchased with funds from National Clean Diesel Emission Reduction Program (DERA) grants must be on the SmartWay verified list below) or on the verified diesel retrofit technologies list at the time of acquisition to be eligible. These lists are regularly updated as new products are verified.

EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors and Trailers also qualify as "vehicle replacements" for purchase using DERA funds. EPA-designated SmartWay Tractor and Trailers are equipped with SmartWay-verified technologies at point of sale.